Projects deliveries

Projects with deliveries

  1. Tox21BodyMaps (2020): webtool allowing a user to identify target organs in the human body where a substance is estimated to be more likely to produce effects.

  2. Interpred (2020): platform to predict such interference chemicals based on the first large-scale chemical screening effort .

  3. Systemic review on cancer hallmarks and keys characteristics (2019):

  4. ChemMaps (2018): webserver to navigate and mine chemical space.

  5. RealityConvert (2017): software tool and associated website to convert molecular objects to high quality 3D models directly compatible for AR and VR applications.

  6. Neighborhood (2017): data-mining tools to analyze the neighborhood of selected ionizable groups.

  7. LSRs (2016): Method to extract local structural replacements from the Protein Data Bank, optimized for phosphate groups.

  8. PockDrug-Server (2015): Druggability model to predict if a protein pocket can bind a drug-like molecule. The web server includes also different tools for pocket analysis.

  9. GOHTAM-server (2012-2015): Detection of horizontal transfers based on a combination of parametric methods. (not more available)