Professional experiences

2020 (Covid19 outbreak): Consultant

Computational toxicology, carcinogenics prediction, bioassays analysis, High-Throughput Screening, chemical space, environmental chemical space, interference assay analysis, bio-data, web-server development, machine learning, biostatistics, molecular dynamics, computational structural analysis

2018- 2020: Post-doctoral fellow - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (US)

Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Kleinstreuer

Computational toxicology, carcinogenics prediction, bio assays analysis, High-Throughput Screening, chemical space, web tools developments, environmental chemical space, interference, bio-data

2017: Post-Doctoral researcher - North Carolina State University (US)

Supervisor: Dr. Denis Fourches

QSAR, MD-QSAR, structural analysis, machine learning, molecular dynamics, augmented reality, molecular clustering, antibiotics optimization, docking, High-Throughput Screening, chemical space, GPU application

2016 (6 months): Post-Doctoral researcher - University of Helsinki (Finland)

Supervisor: Dr. Henri Xhaard

docking scoring optimization, protein-ligand interaction profiling

2012-2016 (3 years - 8 months): Joint Ph.D. programUniversity Paris Diderot (France) & University of Helsinki (Finland)


University Paris Diderot - Prof. Anne-Claude Camproux

University of Helsinki - Dr. Henri Xhaard

Bioinformatics, biostatistics, statistical analysis, machine learning, protein pocket detection and analysis, chemoinformatics, chemistry, biochemistry, bioisosterism, data mining, structural model, molecular descriptors analysis, data-mining

Teaching: 192h (64h/year) for Master degrees in bioinformatics and In silico Drug Design, University Paris Diderot Paris VII, FRANCE.

2012 (7 months): Internship - University Paris Diderot (France)

Supervisor: Prof. Anne-Claude Camproux

Statistical analysis, learning machines, discriminant analysis, tree-based methods, visualization methods, clustering, protein pocket characterization

2011 (5 months): Internship - Centre for Drug Research, University of Helsinki (Finland)

Supervisor: Dr. Henri Xhaard

data mining, statistical analysis on structural patterns, molecular interactions

2010-2011 (3 months): Internship – University Paris Diderot (France)

Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Deschavanne [retired]

sequence alignments, gene translocation visualization