2012-2016: Joint Ph.D. program - Pharmaceutical chemistry – Division of pharmaceutical chemistry and technology - University of Helsinki (Finland)

- Bioinformatic and biostatistics - Molécules Thérapeutique In Silico (MTi) - University Paris Diderot (France)

Cheminformatics, biostatistics, pharmaceutical chemistry, machine learning

2010-2012: Master in BioinformaticsUniversity Paris Diderot (France)

Structural, genomic and systemic bioinformatics, programming, biostatistics

2009-2010: Bachelor in Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyUniversity Paris Diderot (France)

Enzymology, metabolism, biochemistry and structural biology

2007-2009: First bachelors years in Chemistry and Biology - University Grenoble 1 (France)

Organic, inorganic and computational chemistry, biology